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Welcome to 142 Now - Start Your Small Business

Thank you for finding your way to 142 Now. I'm here to help you start a legit small business from home. I am not here to say you will earn CEO income or make $50,000 in one week. While it is possible, this is real life and I'm here to provide you with the truth.

Don't be fooled by Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) programs or Get-Rich Quick Schemes that make you recruit or sell their product.
I will show you how to successfully start a legit small business from home the right way the first time!

I am real and have evidence of true small businesses being operated today from home (see below). My purpose with this website is to share my experience with you. I did not hire anyone to build this website either. I've personally created 142Now.com to help convey what I have to say. (And it helps when one of my businesses is a graphic design company!)

Same boring routine day after dayTo give you a brief summary, here's some background with how I've arrived here today;

Not long ago I use to be in the same 9-5 routine working for someone else. I was getting nowhere but deeper in debt while working long hours. I felt like I was held prisoner to my job. If I left the company I worked for then what was I to do? I still owed the same amount of bills each month and bills are ALWAYS ON TIME. I felt like I was literally stuck! I needed to exit what everyone calls the rat race.

It wasn't until I shifted my way of thinking that I was able to provide myself with clear understanding. I was able to focus on what I excel at, on what brings me happiness and what can provide an income for my family. It did not take long to soon realize that I needed to find my passion first and then my job second. This is when I started my publication Zonie Saver, my graphic design business Colour Marketing & Design and most recently a full service web printing business 1 Stop Print Shop

I run all my businesses from the comforts of my home!

I live stress free from dealing with the commute to work. I am free from having to report to anyone. I am free to plan my own schedule for the day. I do not classify what I do as actual work because I consider what I do fun. I enjoy designing and creating. With 142 Small Businesses You Can Start On The Weekend or On Your Spare Time, I want for you to realize that you can find something that you enjoy and get paid doing it. This is what I want to help with. I want to show you how!

When I began my publication, I started like most people when they want to start a business –- at the book stores. What I found on the weekends (besides an empty checking account) was that most of what is out there today to help us start a small business from home is useless. Only perhaps 5% of what is included in those books and those CDs are useful. The other 95% is filler. That is it filled up my recycling bin for Saturday's pickup!

So I decided to create a book that includes what actually works. Four years definitely seems like a blur now, but I wanted to make 142 Small Businesses You Can Start On The Weekend or On Your Spare Time the most accurate small business from home book on the market today. And I'm proof that everything works!

All that is included inside 142 Small Businesses You Can Start On The Weekend or On Your Spare Time is what I am currently using to run my three small businesses from home including my online print shop 1 Stop Print Shop.com. I have managed to keep my sanity while earning an income for myself and for my family by using the information that is included inside my book.

Thank you for taking the time to visit 142 Now and for having that curiosity with what your life can be. I ask that you take a few minutes to explore around this website to see how I can help you start your own small business from home with 142 Small Businesses You Can Start On The Weekend or On Your Spare Time.

After reading this if you still feel starting your own small business is out-of-reach, I personally invite you to check out my small businesses below because...

It's Possible!!


— Levi Leyba

P.S. Don't forget to drop me a line or two when you get up and running with your very own small business. I would personally love to hear how you're doing!

Startup Nation 2009 Home-Based 100 Competition Winner

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