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"I've been looking at the 142 Now Packet I received in the mail and so far so good. It is very informative and I love how you cut to the chase on explaining the steps to take in starting your own business. You are a pretty good writer. I am already a Notary but I never really pushed to make it a full blown side business...after reviewing some of the material in your 142 Now Packet, I realize that I can be doing more. My time is valuable and I am tired of throwing it away [on television]." — Liliana P., California

"Let me first say - job well done! I always wanted to start "something" in my spare-time, I just did not know "what" to start. After reading what you had to offer in one of your ads, I chose to buy your Basic Package. How did you ever come up with 142 different businesses to start? There is no absolute reason why anyone should be out of work! Thanks Levi for providing this information and for most importantly helping me with where to begin." — Brandon G., Arizona

"I must have visited the 142 Now website at least 10 times before I ordered. After receiving the 142 Now Packet I noticed something wrong.....I wish I would have ordered it sooner!! I just submitted my LLC and am waiting for approval from the corporation commission. The hardest part was choosing my name for my business. With what you included, the rest will be a snap! Thanks Levi." — Rebecca D., Arizona

"I first read about your story in Latino Perspectives Magazine and was impressed! I decided that if you're able to start two home-based businesses, then you obviously have a system that works. I just placed my order for your Basic System and can't wait to get it in the mail. I'll let you know how successful I become!" — Raymond G., Arizona

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"I've been looking at the 142 Now Packet I received in the mail and so far so good. It is very informative and I love how you cut to the chase on..."

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