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What's Inside the 142 Now Book

142 Small Businesses You Can Start On The Weekend or On Your Spare Time includes 142 businesses you can start from home on the weekends or on your spare time. Each of the 142 small businesses listed in the book includes the following:

  • A detailed description of the small business
  • What's needed for start-up of this particular business
  • Where to get helpful information to continue your research
  • A breakdown on each small business including:
– Typical Start-up Costs
– Typical Rate Charged
– Equipment Needed
– Future Costs

Each small business is dedicated to its own full page inside the 142 Small Businesses You Can Start On The Weekend or On Your Spare Time book with an added section for personal notes.

Most people have an idea on what type of business they wish to start, but for those of you who do not, I've provided you with 142 ideas! Which is why it's called 142 Now!

Forms Included

In addition to 142 small business ideas, I decided to add the appropriate forms associated with running a successful small business from home.

These forms include 142 Now's "Everyday Forms" and "Company Forms" that every small business started from home can benefit having in their collection.

By using the included forms effectively, you will save major time and expense with running your small business from home -- and you'll make your Accountant happy!

Business Plan & Marketing Plan

Still not satisfied with what I had, I decided to partner with Palo Alto Software to provide a sample Business Plan. I cannot stress the importance of completing one of these! Not only will you be able to map out your first year in business, but you will be forced to address matters that you otherwise would not think about. And this is what is going to separate yourself from those start-up businesses that fail in their first year.

Together with the sample Business Plan, I’ve also included a sample Marketing Plan. Again, this plan is very important to review when starting your small business from home. These sample plans are complimentary of Palo Alto Software - the worldwide leader in business plan softwre and marketing plan software.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you truly want to experience the freedom that I have experienced with having my own small business from home, this 142 Small Businesses You Can Start On The Weekend or On Your Spare Time book is the perfect tool to help you start the process. I'm here to show you that it's easy & can be done!

This is Opportunity walking by!
You were brought to this page for a reason. It is up to you to recognize this and introduce yourself to Entrepreneurship.

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Startup Nation 2009 Home-Based 100 Competition Winner

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