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Start A Small Business & Work From Home

142 Now was created out of my personal frustration and fear of not knowing where to begin when wanting to start a small business from home. I made a mistake of wasting hundred's and hundred's of dollars on books and CDs which were pretty useless.

Those books and CDs I purchased when I wanted to start my first small business from home included information that Fortune 500 companies would need. Clearly not the information for the small business you are going to start at home. And as they say:

" It’s good to learn from your mistakes, but it’s even better to learn from someone else’s mistakes."

It was at this point I kept asking myself, "there has to be a better way." In fact there needed to be a better way. Not only for myself, but so others can start a small business quickly and accurately from home. Those who know me realize that I like to help. Especially helping others succeed. So I started assembling information for 142 Now back in 2005, taking notes as I moved forward with my first small business from home. My notes included what worked, what needed improvement on, what definitely does not work, and so on.

The goal with 142 Now is to provide you with the ideas and tools needed to successfully get you started with your very own small business from home. Sure you can use your money to buy that new iPOD or maybe a round of drinks at happy hour, but what will you end up with? How will those purchases help you and your future? And be honest when you answer these questions.

I am asking that you make an investment in your future.
I am asking that you make an investment in you.

We truly do not have as much time as we like to think we do. Right now is your opportunity to make something of your life. Consider this your chance to finally break free from the monotonous life Corporate America has labeled normalcy. Make a small investment with 142 Now, you just might surprise yourself.

Below is a list of small businesses I include in 142 Now:

Advertising Agency
Advertising Sales Rep
Antique Dealer
Artists’ Agent
Auto Detailing
Auto Paint Touch-Up
Bartering Service
Bicycle Repair
Book/Magazine Indexer
Book Packager
Bridal/Wedding Consultant
Building Maintenance
Business Form Distribution
Business Plan Writer
Cake Decorator
Career Counselor
Carpet/Upholstery Cleaner
Catalog Retailer
Cart/Kiosk Sales
Childbirth Instructor
Collection Service
College Application Consultant
Commercial Cleaning Service
Commercial Photographer
Commercial Plant Maintenance
Computer Consultant
Computer Instructor/Trainer
Computer Maintenance
Computer Programmer
Construction Cleanup
Cooking Instructor
Courier Service
Credit Consultant
Damage Restoration
Dating Service
Day Care Service
Desktop Publisher
Digital Imaging Service
Disability Consultant
Disc Jockey
Dog Trainer
Efficiency Expert
Electrical Contractor
Employee Benefits Consultant
Employee Staffing
Envelope Stuffing
Etiquette Advisor
Event/Party Planner
Executive Search/Headhunting Firm
Facsimile Service
Feng Shui Consultant
Financial Aid Consultant
Financial Advisor
First Aid/CPR Instructor
Framing Service
Freelance Writer/Copyeditor
Gardening Consultant
Genealogical Service
Gift Basket Provider
Grant Writer
Graphic Designer
Home Business Consultant
Home Entertainment Service
Home Health Care Service
Home Inspector
Home Preparation Service
Home Tutor Service
Interior Designer
Jewelry Designer
Laundry Service
Lawn Care/Landscaping Service
Make-up Artist
Manufacturer’s Rep
Marketing Consultant
Massage Therapist
Medical Biller
Meeting Planner
Message Retrieval Service
Messenger Service
Mobile Shredding Service
Music Instructor
Mystery Shopper
Nanny Service
Newspaper Delivery Service
Notary Public
Online Marketing Specialist
Online Retailer
Online Services Consultant
Outdoor Adventures
Outplacement Services
Paging Text Service
Personal Assistant
Personal Development Coach
Personal/Fitness Trainer
Personal Shopper
Pet Groomer
Pool Maintenance
Print Broker
Professional Organizer
Property Manager
Public Relations Consultant
Relocation Consultant
Resume Writer
Retirement Planner
Reunion Planner
Rubber Stamp Business
Sales Trainer
Secretarial Service
Seminar Service
Silk Flower Arranger
Small Business Consultant
Social Networking Service
Tax Preparation Service
Telemarketing Service
Ticket Broker
Time Management Specialist
Translation Service
Travel Agent
Travel Bartender
Vacuum Cleaner Repair
Vending Machine Service
Web Site Developer
Window Cleaner
Word Processing Service
Startup Nation 2009 Home-Based 100 Competition Winner

142 Now is currently being distributed to various online book outlets. Check below to see where you can grab your copy of "142 Small Businesses You Can Start On The Weeekends or On Your Spare Time".

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"I've been looking at the 142 Now Packet I received in the mail and so far so good. It is very informative and I love how you cut to the chase on..."

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